General plan

General plan

Working site for TN Route network

Each section of the network will have its own blog entry with links to relevant resources. Comment boxes are for suggestions and updates that may then be incorporated into the main post. Note: Proposed Routes are listed On the right panel. You may click on these and comment as in a regular post. However, it is a good idea to send me an email a bruceeday at gmail dot com

Things to do now

Much of this is on hold while our role with RPM consultants is better defined, here are some things we can still work on to good purpose.

1. Evaluate TN NS 4a for cycling suitability.  Especially all South of I-840 needs to be checked as new rumbles have been applied in that area since my last visit.

2. Tweak TN NS 4a  thought Nashville.

3. Establish contacts for route coordination with MS, VA, KY, GA. 

4. Look at and amend as appropriate the other routes in your area.  Especially need suggestions for route from Nashville to Memphis north of US 70.


  1. Might use this as your "flagship" route. We could ride it (as you get to feeling better) and take pictures along the route to add to the MapMyRide map. What do you think?

  2. Yes. And coincidentally, which means I did not plan it this way, but some of it would be appropriate for the Fogbee Henry Horton out and back.
    For some reason Google presented your comment as needing moderation but did not email me. I would not have seen it but for clicking on the dashboard by mistake.