General plan

General plan

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Each section of the network will have its own blog entry with links to relevant resources. Comment boxes are for suggestions and updates that may then be incorporated into the main post. Note: Proposed Routes are listed On the right panel. You may click on these and comment as in a regular post. However, it is a good idea to send me an email a bruceeday at gmail dot com

TN NS 4a Franklin KY to Ardmore AL

Note: route updated and changed to Ride With GPS on 9/8/2013 after submission to AASHTO for designation as USBR23


  1. June 27, 2010. Today I was able to scout some of the southern portions unknown to me. US 31 between I-840 and Lewisburg is unsuitable for cycling. It does have shoulders but they are rumbled and the traffic is heavy and fast. Fortunately there is a good alternative just to the east on lightly traveled back roads.
    Likewise SR 274, Old Railroad bed road is a death trap. The southernmost ten or so miles is narrow two lane no shoulder, curves enough to limit sight distance but not slow traffic. There is also an alternative to the east but it is much hillier and has no services for a long way. Nevertheless, I am amending the route to exclude these dangerous sections. Aside from fewer services, a big downside of removing US 31 is making Henry Horton several miles off route.