General plan

General plan

Working site for TN Route network

Each section of the network will have its own blog entry with links to relevant resources. Comment boxes are for suggestions and updates that may then be incorporated into the main post. Note: Proposed Routes are listed On the right panel. You may click on these and comment as in a regular post. However, it is a good idea to send me an email a bruceeday at gmail dot com

TN North South 1a, Bristol to Knoxville


  1. Note from Ben Cowan:

    Do you guys want parallel routes? Scenic and a bit off the beaten path, from point A to B? The reason I ask is that while 11W is the official state-designated bike route, I personally would not ride it--65 mph traffic while I'm negotiating debris on the shoulder and the shoulder disappears on every bridge crossing--and there are several crossings of Reedy Creek between here and Kingsport alone. I don't know personally what condition it is beyond Kingsport, whether rumble strips are present, etc. But if I were loaded and touring, that would be the direct route.

  2. Ben,
    What touring cyclists might prefer is at odds with Jessica's request we stay on state roads as much as possible. The ideal would be a relatively quiet back road that is still a state road with some services along the way. Map the route you'd take if you were going to do it yourself.

  3. I mapped our RAT-2013 ride from Kingsport to Bristol on Bristol Hwy instead of 11W. It seemed like an easier route and may be a more acceptable alternative. I plan to explore this are in a little more detail before we head out.

  4. What about 347 out of rogersville to Warriors path State park. I took that on a ride I did earlier this year.

  5. Eric,
    As the USBRS has evolved since this blog was created it now appears that Bristol to Knoxville will be part of USBR 80 that will then go from Knoxville to Nashville and then to Memphis.
    For now I am totally involved in getting USBR 23 nominated and approved. USBR 80 and USBR 23 will be the logical next routes. Both need Champions in the Knoxville area. Would you be willing to be a champion? There would be no need for you to wait on working on the routes. Dave Shumaker and I are learning a lot while working on USBR 23 and will be glad to help.

    1. That should be USBR 80 and USBR 21 are next. USBR 21 is proposed to connect Lexington, KY to Atlanta, GA, via Knoxville and Chattanooga.