General plan

General plan

Working site for TN Route network

Each section of the network will have its own blog entry with links to relevant resources. Comment boxes are for suggestions and updates that may then be incorporated into the main post. Note: Proposed Routes are listed On the right panel. You may click on these and comment as in a regular post. However, it is a good idea to send me an email a bruceeday at gmail dot com

Tennesse NS 4A Franklin, KY to Ardmore, AL

This is the best hope for Tennessee's first approved US Bike Route.  It connects to Kentucky's already established Mammoth cave route and ends north or Huntsville, AL. Alabama has plans to have a route through Huntsville but has not yet designated a definite connector to TN. this should fit about any choice they make.  This route has been scouted over the past two years.  We will need help in:
1) local input to confirm route is still reasonable.
2) working with local agencies to allow and maintain parts of route not on TN state roads.

Jpeg of overall route
XLS file cue sheet
gps file of route.